Shakers Art and Interior Design Company Ltd;

*  Is an international architecture and interior design company based in London.

* With over 25 years of international experience we are creating stylish, functional, timeless and elegant solutions for hotel, restaurant and residental interiors in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.


* Our Approach;

-Shakers Art and Interior Design Company is inspired by the Shakers’ style and focuses on the functionality, comfort and simplicity of the design, which is tailored to meet present day aspirations and the Client’s requirements.

-All the projects are individually developed within the criteria of “universal design” to create an environment open to all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.


-Comprehensive project management,

-Space Planning,

-Interior Design (kitchen, bathroom, lightning design),

-Bespoke furniture design.


We specialise in the restoration, repair and refurbishment of historic and listed buildings.

Artwork Consultancy;

Shakers Art and Interior Design Company also offers Artwork Consultancy for Clients, supported by our Art Galley, which has been open for more than 12 years and has a collection of over 200 valuable artworks including painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography.

MDM Architecture;

         MDM Architecture was founded by Bulent Muftuoglu in 2001. Working on Urban Design, Restoration, Architectural and Interior design projects on domestically and internationally scale. We serve our customers with a team of product designers, architects, interior designers, art historians and technicians to deliver the project according to the present day’s latest requirements and technology.

        The mission of MDM Architecture; Designing functional spaces and products within the criteria of “Universal Design”. Inspired by the name “Shakers” (1) which used as the name for the studio “(Shakers Studio” when established in 1995. Focusing on comfort and simplicity in design, according to the present day’s trends, exploring the areas of versatile use in design, from the start until delivery we work with precision in all stages to ensure high quality and comfort in our designs.

         MDM Architecture embraces “Universal Design” criteria, whose designs is usable by all people to the greatest extent possible, to provide a comfortable life for everyone.

At the same time, MDM Architecture respects the customer’s privacy limits, and work on his satisfaction without compromising the universal design criteria. So the main aim is to add value to human and human life.

Derinlikler Art Center

               In 2006, Bulent Muftuoglu combined his personal interest, with the need of his clients for artistic consultancy, and established “Derinlikler Art Center” within MDM.

               “Derinlikler Art Center” was founded in Sıraselviler, then merged with MDM has become one of the reputable art galleries in Turkey, by regularly organizing monthly exhibitions of domestic and international artists (painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography) in MDM Architecture since 2007.


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